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The acoustical environment cannot be seen, but its presence is influential. New building materials, changing technology and mechanical systems, advanced technology, research and manufacturing equipment, open office spaces, and awareness of acoustics in the workplace and learning environment make the consideration of acoustics, noise and vibration control important components in the traditional A/E design process.

JEAcoustics, 1986-2022 provided acoustics, noise and vibration (ANV) services to the A/E/C disciplines. JEA was successfully acquired in September 2022 by EEA Consulting Engineers and is now EEA - ANV Engineering. Jack B. Evans, P.E., founded the firm in 1986 in Austin as a Texas corporation to focus on architectural and mechanical noise and vibration control, acoustics, and environmental noise. JEA has consulted on more than 2300 acoustical, environmental, sustainable design, and mechanical noise and vibration control projects in over three dozen states of the U.S. and 53 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Architectural acoustics includes reverberation, echo, focus, and sound isolation. Vibration and mechanical noise control focuses on building HVAC, MEP/Plant and process equipment. Industrial acoustics is the control of sound exposure in the work place. Environmental noise is the prediction, measurement, and mitigation of outdoor noise, including transportation, amplified music, and mechanical equipment.

JEAcoustics provides solutions for acoustical needs that complement the architects’ and engineers’ design concepts. JEA's solutions for vibration, acoustics, and noise control enhance each facility's unique environmental characteristics. The owner and designers can rely on competent and pragmatic consultation to formulate integrated solutions to the complex problems of modern design.

Our secret of success is a staff commitment to personalized, one-on-one service between client and primary consultant. The firm works closely with facility managers, engineers, and architects to integrate acoustics and noise control recommendations into facility designs and to conduct field noise measurements and analyses for fundamental, cost effective, and practical solutions.

We can provide services in the client's office, on site, or from our offices in Austin, using up-to-date, portable analysis, computer, and communications equipment. JEA also promotes professional development and continuing education by regularly presenting and participating in national and international conferences and seminars.