photo of Jack B. Evans, PE

Jack B. Evans, PE


The founder of JEAcoustics, Jack provides measurements, analyses, engineering design, and expert witness for mechanical noise control, architectural sound isolation, structural vibration, and environmental noise in addition to firm management and marketing. His technical specialties are in the mechanical and structural engineering disciplines, relating to architectural acoustics, building vibration, and mechanical noise control.  Mr. Evans has been actively involved in acoustics, noise control, facilities services, and microelectronics projects as a consultant, designer, and construction manager since 1975. Jack has been an invited speaker on various topics of vibration, acoustics, noise control, and professional service business development at the University of Texas and a number of professional societies and architectural firms. He has presented technical papers at international conferences in the US, Europe and Asia. Mr. Evans has served as President of the Travis Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers (1993-1994), Vice President of the Austin ASHRAE Chapter (1998-1999), and was appointed to the 1991-1993 term of the City of Austin Environmental Advisory Board. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architectural Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a Registered Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas, No. 52472.
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photo of Chad Himmel, PE

Chad Himmel, PE


Chad is responsible for project management and scheduling. He conducts and supervises measurements, analyses, engineering design, detailing, and recommendations in each of JEA's major disciplines. Mr. Himmel's academic background and consulting experience includes work in architecture and engineering, leading to excellent integration of acoustics and vibration disciplines with building design and construction. He was a consultant at Yantis Acoustical Design (now Sparling) in Seattle. He has been a presenting speaker on various areas of acoustics and vibration at the University of Texas, national TSA and AIA conventions, local chapters of ASHRAE and AIA, a high school and neighborhood association, and has presented technical papers at international conferences in North America, Australia and Europe. He earned degrees in Architecture and Architectural Engineering from the University of Texas, and was awarded the AIA Medal of Honor for Academic Excellence. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas, No. 90175.
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